Grace Fallen

The grace of God has fallen
I see it in the tears that run down my cheek
I see it in the friends I see in the grave
Care not and left on our own, we shall fall

She was a rose in December
Not supposed to be there at all
But there as I remember
And as grace, she did fall

I close my eyes and see her face
I can’t stop the tears, my heart sighs
Where was I, how did she get misplaced
Such an angel’s whisper, my heart cries

I reach out and pray to take me instead
Give her back to all those who are in need
This whisper called life, balanced on a thread
Nothing I can voice, nothing I can plead

Given to God, comfort her, I beg you, please
Our memories are only what’s left behind
Her soul at peace, as our hearts in pieces
God, you are the only comfort I can find

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