Sweet Good-Bye

In the dreary, murky mist of the day
Seized and tossed by the fists of dismay
I walk the paths of remembered roads
Thinking the present as the past unfolds

I call the ancient killer of despair
I ask him why this worlds unfair
He whispers chants of worse to come
Pain and suffering that adds no sum

Then I scream to the God above
What’s this death you call love
You feed the fire with hopes and dreams
And then you spit and watch it scream

I call the ancient pixy of pity
She opens the gates to her fantasy city
She leads me in with soft white lies
But soon the illusion fade and dies

And then I meet Despair again
Hidden in shadows an unwanted friend
Leave me killer, It’s not happened yet
The thoughts I hold, owe no debt

Carefully now, I walk on home
I like to walk, like I hold my own
No-one knows the confusion I think
The more thought I give, the farther I sink

Carefully now, I’ve lost my way
These thoughts I’ll think another day
I take one more painful sigh
And patiently wait for the sweet Good-Bye

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